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John & Yoko … a love story

A doco-drama for radio

Conceived as a six part ‘docu-drama’ (approx. 30 mins each), ‘John & Yoko … a love story’ follows the ruminations of two self-described ‘Beatles tragics’, Ray Rose and James Benn, as they discuss the musical evolution of John Lennon and Paul McCartney during their brief career with the Beatles, with frequent reference to the music and revealing quotes from John and Paul. Throughout, Ray and James ponder the implications of Yoko’s appearance on the 60s’ pop scene and whether it was really she who broke up the Beatles.


Each episode is opened and closed by ‘Yoko’ (Yoshiko Kimura) who provides the context and the link. Discussions are peppered with narrative and illustrative snippets of Beatles’ music and, as they deepen (and darken), with increasing interruptions and corrections from Yoko. It is an original view of Beatles music which we believe will generate interest because of the profile-raising 30th anniversary of Lennon’s death in early December last year. It provides both an introduction to Beatles music for the beginner as well as a forensic examination of their output for Beatles aficionados.


Eastside Radio 89.7 FMProduced by Blue Trumpet for Eastside Radio 89.7 FM
Written and realized by James Benn
In conversation with Ray Rose
Voices in order of appearance…

  • Yoshiko Kimura
  • James Benn
  • Ray Rose