Episode 7: Should the Sun Kiss the Moon

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Hard Boys ... a psychodrama for radio

Produced by Blue Trumpet for Radio 2RRR, Hard Boys, a psychodrama for radio, is a uniquely Australian story in 10 parts. Starring Johnny Boxer of the long-running Australian TV show, Fat Pizza, he brings the same uniquely Australian voice to this production.

Episode 7: Should the Sun Kiss the Moon

“See when Pip and I got together, that’s when things started to go crazy. It wasn’t so much everyone else. They just come along for the ride. It was Pip and I who turned everything upside down. The drunken night out at the Berkeley Hotel with the camp catering guy.”…

The music...

Featuring Australian music of the 1960s and early ‘70s in order of play...

Here It Comes Again by Pirana

Pirana were a Sydney band active between 1970-75. Their first recordings were as the backing group for Greg Quill's 1970 solo album Fleetwood Plain. They signed to Harvest in 1971 and issued two singles. Here It Comes Again (May) was reputedly the first local single released in stereo. The same month they toured nationally as support band on the historic package tour by Deep Purple, Free and Manfred Mann's Chapter Three. Here they are performing 'Here It Comes Again' on Happening 71, taken from the 1971 album 'Pirana'.

Teach Me How To Fly by Jeff St. John

Jeff St John was an Australian musician best known for several Australian hits, such as 'Teach Me How to Fly' (1970), 'Big Time Operator' (1967) and 'A Fool in Love' (1977). He was born with spina bifida and spent much of his life in a wheelchair. Here he is with his band Copperwine performing the hit single 'Teach Me How To Fly' (November, 1970) taken from the 1970 album 'Joint Effort'.

The poem...

Should the sun kiss the moon
Then love will be revealed
Should a man kiss a woman
And no lust lingers

All my love
A figure on the lost horizon of love
A figure on the lost horizon of the universe

How does one love another in an everlasting world?
A glimpse of survival in an everlasting world?
No word has been written to describe it
None ever will

To capture the feeling in a world of fleeting feelings
To grasp the time between time
To measure the universe
In a speck of dust
How it scars us forever

Through lust comes love and two are joined for both, for one
When one, no distance between, no time measured

And if the sun should kiss the moon
So will I kiss you
My holy one
My everlasting one


Produced by Blue Trumpet Productions for Radio 2RRR
Written and realized by James Benn
With Johnny Boxer in the title role
Original story and poetry by Greg Young
Original tunes by James Benn, performed by Johnny Boxer, James Benn, and Terry Darmody
Voices in order of appearance…

  • Chris Virtue
  • James Benn
  • Johnny Boxer
  • Gas Wylde
  • Sue Liolio

Introductions and credits by Amie Maguire