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Hard Boys ... a psychodrama for radio

Produced by Blue Trumpet for Radio 2RRR, Hard Boys, a psychodrama for radio, is a uniquely Australian story in 10 parts. Starring Johnny Boxer of the long-running Australian TV show, Fat Pizza, he brings the same uniquely Australian voice to this production.

Episode 6: Love Note

“We met up with this bloke who was a hypnotherapist. He was an outright bloody sleaze. Like something out of the wild west. San Fransisco in the early days. A shyster, that’s what he was. Ended up playing pool and billiards in the pubs. Reminded me of a card sharp, which he was really. He was into hypnotherapy too. Used to travel around the western districts giving sessions. Travelled from town to town all round the country.”

The music...

Featuring Australian music of the 1960s and early ‘70s in order of play...

Suzie Sunshine by Buffalo

Buffalo were an Australian hard rock band formed in August 1971 in Sydney by founding mainstay Dave Tice on co-lead vocals. Fellow founders were Paul Balbi on drums, John Baxter on guitar, and Peter Wells on bass guitar. Alongside Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs and Blackfeather, Buffalo pioneered Australia's heavy metal, pub rock and alternative rock movements. In May 1972 they issued their debut single, 'Suzie Sunshine', which was written by Baxter and Peter Brett. Buffalo's promo-video for the single 'Suzie Sunshine' taken from the 1972 album 'Dead Forever'.

It's Up To You by Company Caine

Company Caine, also known as Co. Caine and Company Kane, were an Australian progressive rock band. They were formed in March 1970 by Ray Arnott on drums, Cliff Edwards on bass guitar, Jeremy Noone on saxophone and keyboards, Gulliver Smith on lead vocals and Russell Smith on guitar and vocals. Here they are performing on Happening 71 the track 'It's Up To You', which is the b-side of the single 'Trixie Stonewells Wayward Home for Young Women' (September, 1971).

The poem...

Is this the patience you possess?
The formula of your love that binds us so?
Where within you heart is the passion you spoke of?
I see a moment of love
The bliss within your eyes

The movements you make which truly belong to you
Such beauty

Where in the hour we spend you give yourself
I know the love I hold within these arms
That offers warmth and no confusion

The hand that strokes my brow
To pass across my chest and make a moment full

You need not follow my step nor sound
But hold me to you with arms so tight
And press a single tear upon my cheek
To say I love you

I walk within your morning’s mist and see you greet each day
Like birth this beauty dawning on your face
Through each day I spend, my love, in silence

But you, with all your love
See not the many loves within

Nor the winter’s snow that surrounds you so


Produced by Blue Trumpet Productions for Radio 2RRR
Written and realized by James Benn
With Johnny Boxer in the title role
Original story and poetry by Greg Young
Original tunes by James Benn, performed by Johnny Boxer, James Benn, and Terry Darmody
Voices in order of appearance…

  • Chris Virtue
  • James Benn
  • Johnny Boxer
  • Gas Wylde
  • Sue Liolio

Introductions and credits by Amie Maguire