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Produced by Blue Trumpet for Radio 2RRR, Hard Boys, a psychodrama for radio, is a uniquely Australian story in 10 parts.

"I’d returned to Surfer’s and gone to this guy’s place who I knew. Henry Alfred Parkes III he called himself. His family were rich, from Brisbane. He was about twenty years of age. His parents had cut him off with the exception of the flat. They’d kicked him in the arse and turfed him out in the world and he couldn’t handle it and he was having a hard time. Then Joe turns up on the scene and he stays with us too. Fuckin’ Joe, he’s a runaway kid from Sydney. He had a lot of troubles"...

The music...

Featuring Australian music of the 1960s and early ‘70s in order of play...

'Time To Live' by Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs

Obsecration Part 1 by Lobby Loyd and the Coloured Balls

The poem...

I am a victor of consciousness
Relaxed in mind
A feeling of mastery
Positive thought

To be a soldier of fortune
To carve one’s mark on the face of the earth
In a lost world of pain and lust

To navigate a blind course on a winter’s night
Calling to a shadow
To save me from loneliness

Come tell, my friend, of loneliness
Cry your love
Like wind across a dry plain

You know that life’s not worth a moment’s waiting

Set forth
Cross golden plains
Witness the drama unfold
Waste no time in following the sun

To be the Sun of Life
To have it burning within
To be a flame upon the blackened horizon
Burning at night!


Produced by Blue Trumpet for Radio 2RRR
Written and realized by James Benn
With special thanks to Johnny Boxer in the title role
Original story and poetry by Greg Young
Original tunes by James Benn, performed by Johnny Boxer, James Benn, and Terry Darmody
Voices in order of appearance…

  • Chris Virtue
  • James Benn
  • Johnny Boxer
  • Gas Wylde
  • Sue Liolio

Introductions and credits by Amie Maguire

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